1607, 2020

Top 10 Locksmith FAQs Every Customer Wants Answered Before Hiring One

Most of the time, a customer only thinks of a locksmith until they find themselves in a lock and key pickle. Whether you need a residential locksmith to help you open up locked home doors or you need one to drag you out of your roadside emergency, there’s always a locksmith waiting for [...]

506, 2020

Rekey vs. Changing Your Locks – Speed Locksmith Rochester NY

Homeowners face the challenge of home maintenance versus home improvement as often as they turn around. There’s always something to deal with, check up on, replace, or repair. The decision to change your entire lock or just switch out the keys depends on a few factors. Let’s go into those so you can [...]

1605, 2020

Speed Locksmith COVID-19 Reassurance for Rochester NY

Professional Locksmiths in Rochester are Open During the Coronavirus Pandemic! The uncertainty of what is happening in 2020 has a lot of the community in an uneasy state. Speed Locksmith is glad to announce to the community of Rochester, NY that we are working to ensure the security of your home and business [...]

2304, 2020

Time To Update Your Home Security

As we come into 2020 -  an era of technology, we are being introduced to newer apps, gadgets, and other technological features that help make our lives easier. Over the years, We have seen how the industry is moving forward from traditional locks to updated smarter locks and security products designed to protect [...]

2007, 2016

Antique Locks Restoration

Mechanism Of Auntick Lock If you have cabinets and doors that are fitted with antique locks, handling their repair should be done with utmost care. If they have been stuck or if other problems become apparent, you should not be dealing with the issue on your own, especially if you know that you [...]

906, 2016

Benefit of Having a Safe in Your House or in Your Office

A lot of people believe that keeping your valuable stuff in the bank safe would be the most preferred way if you want to keep it safe. They thought that the security feature of the bank was capable of protecting their valuable items. Unfortunately, your precious item inside the bank safe is not [...]