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Canandaigua, NY!

Got a broken lock or key? Call Speed Locksmith in Canandaigua, NY for your auto, commercial and residential lock and key needs. We repair, install and change all locks at highly affordable rates.



It's Time for Canandaigua to Welcome Speed Locksmith; their Complete Locksmith Solution!

While a relatively small town, Canandaigua is known for its penchant to get busy and bustling with activity. Home to an array of events, the town serves as a local hotspot for unfortunate occurrences, making your safety a top priority. With Speed Locksmith, you can rest assured as we fix up your home to make sure that you are safe and sound.

Residential Locksmith

Security of your home is paramount and if you're having a lock problem, our residential locksmiths are there for you.

Commercial Locksmith

The locks on your office doors, cabinets and safe adds permanent security. If they aren't working fine, hire commercial locksmith services from Speed Locksmith.

Automotive Locksmith

Jammed vehicle doors and problematic car ignitions are usually because of faulty keys, it's best you hire an auto-locksmith from Speed Locksmith. 


24 Hour Car & Home Lockout Service Canandaigua NY

Of the many, many locksmith services that we at Speed Locksmith have to offer, our most popular one by far are our car and home lockout services. Carried out by a team of skilled professionals, our locksmiths will attend to your lock-related calls within twenty minutes, tops. Once at your location, they will set about solving your lock dilemma at top Speed, making sure your day does not go to waste. So, just give us a call, sit back, and place your trust in us. After all, Speed’s never disappoints.

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Car Key Replacement/Auto Locksmith

Car Key Replacement/Auto Locksmith CANANDAIGUA, NY

At Speed Locksmith, we realize the importance of your car. In most cases, our cars are more than just an object; they help us out in times of need and make our lives much, much more comfortable. It is only fair then that we return the same favor and keep them in good running shape. Part of this is making sure your car is provided with the best auto locksmith services when the time arises. Whether you have locked in your car keys or lost them altogether, at Speed’s we can help you get access to your car once again, all with a simple call.

Faulty locks? It seems like a job for Speed’s to handle!

Lock Installation and Repair

Fast Response Lock Installation and Repairing in Canandaigua NY

When we said we cover all the bases, we did not mean just initiating new jobs. We also take care of any old jobs that may have gone wrong. And of course, this includes faulty or damaged locks. At Speed Locksmith, our team of locksmiths in Canandaigua NY is fully trained in carrying out both lock installations and repairs, making them apt at taking care of all your lock-related dilemmas. Just give us a call, and our professional locksmiths will reach your doorstep in under twenty minutes. Remember, there is no job too tough for Speed’s!

Emergency Lock Rekeying in Canandaigua NY

At Speed Locksmith, we do not just install new locks; we patch up old ones too! This includes lock rekeying, one of our most in-demand old lock services. If for any reason, you are unsure about how many people have access to your locks, then it is always a good idea to have them rekeyed. Just give us a call, and we will send the best of our team straight on their way to your doorstep. Reaching you in record time, our professionals will fix up your locks, leaving you feeling safe and sound once again.

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Residential and Commercial Locksmith

Residential and Commercial Locksmith Canandaigua, NY

At Speed Locksmith, we strive to be your one-stop lock solution. Which is why our skilled workers are trained in answering both residential and commercial locksmith calls. Providing a wide range of services for both, our options include buzzer systems, fire alarms, full lock installations, and repairs and rekeying among an array of others. Just give us a shout, and our team will be at your doorstep in a matter of twenty minutes, fully prepared to set all your lock problems to the side!

Emergency Locksmith/Key Cutting

Emergency Locksmith/Key Cutting in Canandaigua nY

Did someone say an emergency locksmith situation? Well, it seems like a job for Speed Locksmith to solve! Trained to cater to locksmith situations that are running on a tight time constraint, our skilled professionals make use of Speed’s unique ‘Three Lockout Steps’ to make sure you are not kept waiting unnecessarily. Once they reach your location, you can take a step back and let them work their magic. And do not worry, our quick and efficient service does not carry a ridiculously expensive price tag. After all, we are here to take care of you.