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Got a broken lock or key? Call Speed Locksmith in Clarkson, NY for your auto, commercial and residential lock and key needs. We repair, install and change all locks at highly affordable rates.



Speed's - Experienced Locksmith service in Clarkson, NY!

It is often the quiet ones that we tend to overlook, is it not? Situated in Monroe County with a population that barely reaches seven thousand, Clarkson is an easy place to skip over. But not for Speed’s! At Speed Locksmith, we provide complete locksmith service. So, what if it is a small town? Safety is just as important, no matter where you go.

Residential Locksmith

Security of your home is paramount and if you're having a lock problem, our residential locksmiths are there for you.

Commercial Locksmith

The locks on your office doors, cabinets and safe adds permanent security. If they aren't working fine, hire commercial locksmith services from Speed Locksmith.

Automotive Locksmith

Jammed vehicle doors and problematic car ignitions are usually because of faulty keys, it's best you hire an auto-locksmith from Speed Locksmith. 


Car & Home Lockout Service in Clarkson NY

In modern times, some of our most valued entities are our homes and our cars. They keep us safe and offer us a place of refuge from the hectic world. No one would want to lose such an important thing, which is why we at Speed Locksmith offer complete car and home locksmith services, just to make sure that you, your loved ones and your valuables are safe and sound. Whether it is you finding yourself in a lockout situation or merely wanting to take that extra measure for added safety, we have got your back. Just give us a call!

At Speed’s, our services and customer care will never disappoint!

Car Key Replacement/Auto Locksmith

Auto/Car Key Replacement Service in Clarkson, NY

Cars genuinely are a miracle. There is no doubt that they are one of humankind’s greatest inventions, having served us for years; individuals today can hardly function without their vehicles. What a pity it would be then to find yourself locked out of your car. It would put a real downer on your mood, would it not? Here to take you out of this pickle is Speed Locksmith with our run of the mill auto locksmith services. Whether you have managed to lock your key in or you have lost it altogether, calling for a car key replacement, we have got the solution for you!

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Lock Installation and Repair

Lock Installation and Repairing Experts in Clarkson, NY

Having locks installed is not enough. It is equally important to make sure that these locks are in running shape. If your locks have somehow gotten damaged or broken, then it is necessary to repair them. We at Speed Locksmith specialize in carrying out complete lock installation and repairs for our valued customers. With a wide range of locks to choose from, we are sure to have something that suits your liking. While our experienced locksmiths are apt at carrying out even the most difficult of repairs, for situations that are outside of the possible, we are just as happy to fix you up with brand new locks. After all, there is never any compromise on your security.

Do not fret, here to save your day is Speed Locksmith with our one of a kind customer service!

Lock Rekeying Experts in Clarkson, New York

Maybe you have already outwitted us and have a complete lock setup installed in your home and office. Well, that is simply great! But hold on a second. Are these locks really as safe as you think they are? The most basic premise of any lock installation is who has access to them. If the answer to this is anyone outside of the people you directly trust, then it is a viable cause for concern. If you think that this might be the case with your locks, then it is time for you to indulge in Speed Locksmith lock rekeying service. You will be feeling safe in no time!

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Residential and Commercial Locksmith

Residential and Commercial Locksmith Clarkson NY

At Speed Locksmith, we are all about inclusivity. We do not discriminate in any matter, and the same holds true for our services, which is why we cater to both residential and commercial locksmith calls. Simply give us a ring, and our experienced professionals will reach your doorstep in a matter of minutes, twenty, to be exact, no matter the location. Once there, they will set about solving your lock-related dilemma and have you going about your day in no time. Remember, with Speed’s there is never any need to worry!

Emergency Locksmith/Key Cutting

Emergency Locksmith/Key Cutting in Clarkson

If there is one thing millennials are bad at, it is sticking to a schedule. One way or another, we always seem to be running short of time. In the midst of all this, would it not be entirely inconvenient to be stranded with a bad car or home lockout situation? Well, when and if this unfortunate situation does strike, we at Speed Locksmith are here to save your day with our emergency locksmith services. Just give us a call, and our trusty professionals will be on their way to set your locks right!