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Got a broken lock or key? Call Speed Locksmith in North Gates, NY for your auto, commercial and residential lock and key needs. We repair, install and change all locks at highly affordable rates.



Buckle Up, North Gates! Speed's is Here to Provide the Ultimate Locksmith Solution!

North Gates, New York, is a place that is teeming with diversity and activity. With people from all walks of life living and mingling here, there is opportunity enough for things to go wrong. Here to safeguard you from all this is Speed Locksmith. With our excellent locksmith services, we will make sure to have you safe and sound in this happening town.

Residential Locksmith

Security of your home is paramount and if you're having a lock problem, our residential locksmiths are there for you.

Commercial Locksmith

The locks on your office doors, cabinets and safe adds permanent security. If they aren't working fine, hire commercial locksmith services from Speed Locksmith.

Automotive Locksmith

Jammed vehicle doors and problematic car ignitions are usually because of faulty keys, it's best you hire an auto-locksmith from Speed Locksmith.


24/7 Emergency Lockout Service in North Gates, NY

Can you think about how terrible it would be to find yourself stranded in the ever-busy town of North Gates while being locked out of your home or car? It sounds like a real disaster, doesn’t it? Well, if you do find yourself caught up in such a situation, all you should do is give Speed Locksmith a call, and our trained workers will be there in a matter of minutes. Once they reach, you can sit back and relax as they put their excellent car and home lockout services to the test and leave you feeling safe and sound in your own home. You won’t regret trusting Speed’s! 

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Car Key Replacement/Auto Locksmith

Emergency Car Key Replacement/Auto Locksmith Service

Everyone hates to be stranded in a busy town without their vehicle. I mean, can you just imagine the hassle that would ensue? Here to make sure that you do not have to endure such a situation is Speed Locksmith with our unique auto locksmith services. Whether your lockout situation is due to locked-in keys or lost keys, at Speed’s, we have got a solution for you. Our team of reliable locksmiths in North Gates NY specializes in auto-lock recovery, meaning that they are sure to grant you access to your car in a mere matter of minutes.

Lock Installation and Repair

Lock Installation and Repairing Experts in North Gates NY

North Gates is popularly known for being held as one of the most happening towns in New York City. Individuals are never still; they are always running about to get their work done on time. Placed in such an environment, it is of crucial importance to ensure your safety. The most basic way to do so is through thorough lock installation, and the best resource for this is Speed Locksmith. If our excellent customer service and dedicated locksmiths are not enough to impress, then our quick service timings and reasonable pricing are sure to win you over. So, give Speed Locksmith a call, and you will be good to go.

24/7 Lock Rekeying Service in North Gates

Paranoia is one of the most undesirable feelings to have. And fear over your safety is an absolute worst. Do you think that multiple people have access to your locks, not all of whom you trust? Well, if this is the situation, then it is time to give Speed Locksmith a call. Once you get in contact with us, our team of dedicated locksmiths will be on their way to carry out a complete lock rekeying of your location. If for some reason, your locks cannot be rekeyed, then there is no need to panic. We can carry out a thorough reinstallation to ensure your safety, a factor that we do not compromise on.

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Residential and Commercial Locksmith

24 Hour Residential and Commercial Locksmith in North Gates NY

As time has progressed, our lives have become increasingly work-oriented. Caught up in the business world, our offices have become just as precious as our homes. And precious things need to be protected, right? At Speed Locksmith, we understand this, and this is why our services include both residential and commercial locksmith calls. Our operations cover, among other things, buzzer installations, fire alarm set up and lock repairs. All in all, we Speed’s serves as the one-stop locksmith solution for all.

Emergency Locksmith/Key Cutting

Emergency Locksmith/Key Cutting Service

Are you running on a time limit when suddenly you find yourself pushed back due to an unfortunate lockout situation? Well, if this is the case, then Speed Locksmith is the place to call. Specializing in emergency locksmith services, our team of dedicated locksmiths thrives on meeting time restraints. We use our unique and efficient ‘Three Lockout Steps’ mantra to get on track and have your lock situation sorted in no time. There is no doubt about it; you can always rely on Speed Locksmiths in NY!

What are you waiting for? Let Speed’s take care of your safety today, just give us a call at 585-203-0370