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Got a broken lock or key? Call Speed Locksmith in Riga, NY for your auto, commercial and residential lock and key needs. We repair, install and change all locks at highly affordable rates.



With Speed's Riga Will be All Locked Up in No Time!

Nestled away on the Western border of Monroe County, Riga seldom draws any attention to itself. What with its inconspicuous location and meager population, the townspeople often overlook their safety measures.  This is why we at Speed Locksmith are here to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe, all with the help of our trusted locksmiths.

Residential Locksmith

Security of your home is paramount and if you're having a lock problem, our residential locksmiths are there for you.

Commercial Locksmith

The locks on your office doors, cabinets and safe adds permanent security. If they aren't working fine, hire commercial locksmith services from Speed Locksmith.

Automotive Locksmith

Jammed vehicle doors and problematic car ignitions are usually because of faulty keys, it's best you hire an auto-locksmith from Speed Locksmith. 


24/7 Emergency Lockout Service in Riga, NY

At Speed Locksmith, we strive to give each one of our customers the best possible service. Our first step towards this is providing a wide range of services so everyone can find what they are looking for. We offer both car and home locksmith services, for instance, making sure that no matter where a lock-related situation occurs, we can save your day. Simply give us a call, explain your situation, pin in your location, and that is it! You can now sit back and relax as we at Speed’s do our job.

Whether it is your office or your home that needs a bit of lock fixing, we have got you covered!

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Car Key Replacement/Auto Locksmith

Car Key Replacement/Auto Locksmiths in Riga NY

Believe it or not, locksmiths are not just restricted to buildings; they also pertain to vehicle calls! And here at Speed Locksmith, we cover it all with our excellent auto locksmith services. Car key locked in? Or maybe you have lost it altogether. Either way, we have got you covered. Just give us a call, and our trusty professionals will reach your location in a maximum of twenty minutes. Once there, they will set about unlocking your car so that you can go about your day as usual. See, Speed’s saves you every time, guaranteed!

Lock Installation and Repair

Lock Installation and Repairing in Riga NY

Sometimes, having a lock installed is not enough. What is essential is having a lock that is in fully functioning condition. Here to make sure that this is reality is Speed Locksmith with our top-class lock installation and repair services. Our skilled locksmiths at Riga NY can repair just about any lock with their years of experience. However, in cases where they are unable to do so, they are equally happy to install a brand-new one, making not even the slightest of compromise on your security. You can always feel safe with Speed’s!

24 Hour Lock Rekeying Service in Riga NY

A false sense of security is one of the worst things to have, is it not? Imagine thinking your home and office are all secure only to find out that your locks are accessible by strangers. This could well be the result of misplaced keys or keys simply not being returned by old tenants, friends, neighbors, or the like. In such a situation, lock rekeying is the option to choose. And what better source than Speed Locksmith to patch you up with new lock configurations. With all work done under are efficient work policy, we will have your home secure once more in a matter of hours, just give us a call, we surely will not disappoint!

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Residential and Commercial Locksmith

Reasonable Residential and Commercial Locksmith Services

At Speed Locksmith, we have trained our valuable professionals to cater to all lock-related situations, whether they require residential or commercial locksmith services. We strive to make you safe, and that includes both the home and the office. So, wherever your lock situation may arise, just give us a call, and we will send our experienced handymen on their way. Promising to reach you in a maximum of twenty minutes, there is not any situation that our workers cannot resolve. Remember, Speed’s always delivers.

Emergency Locksmith/Key Cutting

Emergency Locksmith/Key Cutting in Riga NY

Ever heard of people who thrive under pressure? Well, you are in luck because at Speed Locksmith, we do just that. Excelling in dealing with emergency locksmith situations, our trained professionals can handle just about any lock-related emergency in under record time. Carefully following our ‘Three Lockout Steps’ formula, our team works to get the job done in astonishingly fast numbers. Simply give us a call, and from there, you can sit back and relax as Speed’s comes to your aid to make sure that the day is not ruined.