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Doorknob for residential and commercial properties, grade 1-3 by all brands.

Residential Doorknob starting at: $29.00

commercial locksmith rochester ny

Door lever handle for residential and commercial properties, grade 1-3 by all brands.

Residential Lever Handle starting at: $29.00

Commercial Lever Handle starting at: $109.00

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Mul-T-Lock, High security locks with unique configuration used by those how want %100 security for there home or business.

High Security Lock starting at:$129.00

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IC core is a small lock cylinder can be installed easily on any type of locking mechanism. Very convenient for a master key system for small or large business.

Interchangeable Core starting at:$49.00

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A door closer is a mechanical device that closes the door after opening. Can be used on aluminium metal or wooden door. 

 Door Closer starting at: $109.00

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Jimmy Proof Deadlock help to prevent access into the door latch or bolt by lifting the door.

Jimmy Proof Lock starting at:$49.00

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A mortise lock set is installed into a deep pocket in the edge of the door. We provide and install this lock in a variety of designs and colors.

Mortise Lock Set starting at:$129.00

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Electric Strike Door Locks is a access control device allowing a user to open the door without using the mechanical lock or using the key. Help business to control in and out access.

Electric Strike starting at:$129.00

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Keypad alarm lock help track access of employed. Can be used by entering the code, with key or card.

Residential Keypad Alarm Lock starting at: $99.00

Commercial Keypad Alarm Lock starting at: $199.00

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Panic bar exit device used in emergency situation. The mechanism allow the lock to open when pushing against it. Required by fire department inspection for commercial properties.

Emergency Exit Device starting at: $129.00

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Push pedal emergency device connect into Adams rite mortise cylinder.

Push Paddle starting at: $75.00