Most Common Door Lock Malfunctions

Door lockOne of the most neglected hardware tools at your homes are locks. We do not realize their importance unless we observe a lock-out scenario. Or at times, we neglect to understand the importance of a key and remember to supply the copy to the closest friend, a family member.

Unfortunately, there are situations when either your acquaintances are not available to return the favor, or the original key is jammed inside the lock, broken, lost or at worst, stops working. This is when you learn the vitality of, one of the most crucial members of the helper’s society – The Locksmith. There are several worth mentioning situations where locksmiths have fixed the most common lock malfunctions.

Residential Hacks
This is one of the most generic hitches. It involves the problems that could arise at home and include the below mentioned:

Jammed Doors & Latches

Jammed doors and latches are an outcome of non-maintenance and improper greasing of the locks. Extreme weather conditions can cause doors and frames to wrap. Moisture can result in jammed knobs and stop the locking points from engaging. Also, dampening expands the wooden doors.

This situation can be easily unravelled by an expert locksmith by adjusting the strike plates. A reliable locksmith would never recommend changing the complete system.

Forgotten Keys

People tend to struggle with this situation too often. They misplace their keys at someone’s home, office or any other place. At times, kids at home throw the keys outside, and when parents reach home, the keys cannot be discovered. There could be two possibilities depending on the type of your lock. E.G. the locksmith might suggest you to replace the cylinder of the lock or try to create the duplicate.

Broken stuck inside the lock

At times, due to misalignment, your key gets stuck inside the lock. If too much pressure is applied or if the key is twisted too much the stuck key will break. This is when you should approach a technician for the assistance. If your key doesn’t turn at all, this implies a problem with the interior snob. For a scenario like this, locksmiths have perfect tools. Other reason could be a worn out cylinder.

Rekeying and Replacing

Sometimes you have to replace the hole. For this, the manuals that come with the system are not enough because it is very difficult for laymen to place the pierce right through the door without any angular deviation. The job becomes tougher with complicated systems.

If your lock reshapes; there is a need to change the key. This process involves the change of the tumblers of a lock cylinder with different sizes. If you hire a locksmith, the process of rekeying will be cheap. You might think; I can take the help of a rekeying kit. These kits are only brand specific which means if you are stuck with multiple locks you might need various kits for each brand. Not only this, you would need your original key to remove the cylinder; which you have already lost!

Somebody call the locksmith, please!

Issues with car lock

There is one person you know who had shut his car door without removing the keys, and the spare keys were already not available. It is obvious that you cannot get keys for these keys cut for the copy in standard machines. Also; it is very difficult to bypass certain smart keys. Only an automotive locksmith can come to your rescue.

These technicians will request the electronic codes from the manufacturers for to duplicate the mechanism.

Assignments turned rescue missions

There are cases when the tenant has not been seen for a few days, and suddenly the request for the duplicates is dropped by the locksmith company. Not to exaggerate, but many of these cases report of a burglary, possible kidnapping or at worst deaths.

And sometimes they fool you

At times, you tend to panic unnecessarily and forget to give a self-try. At least once try to twist the knob or the lever of the door, it might open. There are situations when the technician has entered fully equipped just to find the door open. They might or might not inform you, either way they will charge you!

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