How to Prevent Locking Your Children in Your Car

child locked inside car

Leaving children unattended in the backseat of a car is nobody’s intention, and you would expect some responsibility from the caregiver’s side. The ‘Forgotten Baby Syndrome’ is perhaps scarier than the current pandemic, but it happens quite often – and it is time you did something about it.  Sure, it is an unthinkable and unbelievable act – but we would like to address the situation with the following tips that can come in handy for any parent.

1) Have Your Kid Tag Along With You

We understand how you might be stressed out, distracted or in a hurry to leave your child unattended in the backseat while you tend to your chores or errands. Placing children in the backseat is for a reason – they are not only comfortable with their own space, but also safe from any automobile accidents.

  • Make a mental note of always remembering to take your child along with you even if you have to tend to an errand that might take 5 minutes or less.
  • Tell your child to consider the car as a mode of transportation rather than taking it as a playpen. Your child can incur a fatality or adversary if you leave them unattended in the car hoping that the auto key locks will make up for their safety.
  • Always double check your car’s backseat to prevent yourself from leaving your children unattended in the car.

2) A Spare Keys’ Set Might Come In Handy 

While this solution is quite obvious, not many might think of keeping spare keys’ set on your person before going anywhere. Sure, you might have a spare keys’ set, but leaving it in the glove compartment or in the same keyring that you use primarily is not a solution, right?

  • When leaving home, make sure you keep a spare keys’ set next to the one used for driving your car around.
  • Put the spare keys’ set in your jeans’ pocket, purse or wallet so that it stays with you at all times.
  • Children tend to lock themselves in the car trunk while playing in the driveway or parking lot. Most cars have a release mechanism for the trunk right next to the seats in the front. Make sure your car has one so that you can instantly pull it to open the car trunk and bring your kids to safety.

3) Communication is Key 

Most of the time, parents forget they have children in the backseat especially if they have to hurry for an appointment or meeting at work. In such a case, parents simply assume that their children are safe and sound at their daycare while they spend the entire day at work. All this while, your child can actually be sitting in the backseat silently.

Communicate with your child’s caretakers and ask them to inquire about their absence in such a case. A call from your child’s daycare might help put away any assumption allowing you to hurry to your car and tend to your little one.

Despite all the tips mentioned above, there is still a minute possibility of you forgetting your child in the car. There were around 31 deaths of forgotten children last year from hypothermia in the States – and we don’t want you to be one of the grieving families in Rochester, NY.

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