Locked Keys In Your Car? Here’s What You Need to Do

car lockout

One of the worst feelings you get is not when you find yourself stranded on the highway with a locked vehicle without the keys. The worst feeling is when you see those keys dangling from the ignition cylinder while you’re outside the vehicle shivering in the cold. You may experience an utter regret on your foolishness but that’s not the time to wonder why it has happened to you. It could’ve been anyone, not just you. Are you experiencing a somewhat similar situation? Have you locked yourself outside the car? 

If your answer is yes, then here are a few things you can do to resolve your car lockout issue instantly. 

Don’t Dial 911 

We all have this urge to take out our smartphones and call help instantly. The first thing that comes to our mind when we are facing a car lockout is to dial 911 for an emergency. But wait for a second… is this the right emergency service you should be calling for when dealing with a car lockout? Not exactly. If you are stuck in a car lockout and you need instant resolve, calling an automobile locksmith can be your ultimate solution. 

Why not 911? Well, that’s because calling 911 for an emergency situation will end you up with a tow truck asking you where to drop off your vehicle… As a result, you might either resort to a nearby locksmith shop or back to your home. Either way, you will fail to reach your destination and that’s highly likely what you do not want to experience. Roadside assistance is good, but not at the cost of what you’re trying to achieve. 

Instead of calling 911, call for a local locksmith in your vicinity. 

Double Check If You Have the Spare Key

Do you have a spare key on you? If your answer is no, then you need to get one ASAP. A spare key is the best alternative for a car lockout situation. Keeping a spare key with you at all times will give you absolute comfort that whenever you lock yourself outside your vehicle or lose a key, you will easily find a spare. The key will help you unlock your car door in just a matter of minutes. You can keep your car key in your purse, in your wallet, or somewhere else. This inexpensive key will ultimately allow you to unlock your vehicle. 

As a result, it will save you the ride to the nearby dealership and get you a spare key on the double. 


Call for Professional Help 

When locked outside your vehicle with the keys still stuck in the ignition, you might want to call a reliable locksmith to provide you with quick assistance. Is there one available on your speed dial? If not then save our number for emergency situations. Our team of certified locksmiths has ample experience in unlocking a variety of vehicles. Whether you drive a BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, or any other vehicle type, our professionals will come to your assistance in just a single phone call. With our years of extensive training and our experience, we will not only retrieve your car keys for you but do it safely. 

So feel free to contact our professionals at any point in time. Let our experts come to your aid! 

Use a String to Unlock the Door 

Is this your first time experiencing a car lockout? The simple way to unlock your vehicle is by using a string. The string method is a very reliable and safe technique to unlock any car door without breaking the door lock. However, to perform string lockout, you must have some prior experience in locksmithing. Are you someone who has previously done such kind of work? If not, then we recommend that you don’t go towards unlocking your car door yourself. Always resort to professional help especially when you’re dealing with a car lockout. We have certified professionals always ready to respond on call to perform. 

Are you stuck in a car lockout situation? Want to hire professional help? Hire our certified professional locksmith in Rochester NY to provide you with quick-lock & key assistance in just a phone call.

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