Ways In Which You Can Secure Your Home Or Business

Camera monitoring Rochester homeCrime is still a major concern for many homeowners and small firms as well. Homeowners are increasingly worried by the threat of a home burglary and the subsequent financial and emotional impact of break-ins. Research has it that it takes an average of 4 months to recover from the stress imposed by a break-in. It is clear that there is a lot to deal with other than just replacing the stolen items. Meanwhile, criminals ares still looking for even more ingenious ways to rob the honest, hardworking business owners or even the humble homeowner.

However, with a few candid measures gathered from police experience globally, you can help protect your business place or home and belongings from burglars.

Carry Out A Risk Assessment

Security starts with first identifying where you are most vulnerable. If you are a business owner, you might be already aware where your company has been a victim of a crime, but this might not tell the entire story. In this regard, you need to carry a through assessment. You can even involve others within the business if it is applicable. The same applies to households.

Keep Your House Locked Up

Police say that the most opportunistic burglars take advantage of the unlocked homes. Even if you are just going out for a short while, it is important to keep your house doors and windows locked. You can get the appropriate advice on door locks and window locks from reputable locksmiths. You can also ask your electricity supplier for locks for your power supply to prevent tampering. Also keep you garage locked. There are cases where cars have been stolen and even used to burgle the homeowner’s belongings.

Upgrade Your Defenses

A high number of victims in the past break-ins have cited a door or window being tampered with or damaged. It, therefore, pays to invest in strengthening these defenses both for a homeowner and a business owner as well. For example, a solid core door with a deadlock is harder to force, and the shutters and grilles in windows prevent break-ins from these areas. A peephole or even a lockable security screen can help keep the thieves out as well.

home security and locksProtect Yourself And Your Staff Or Family

You should ensure that necessary training is available, and every staff or family member knows what to do in case of a serious threat. It is better to give up cash and belongings that to get hurt trying to defend it. It is also important to train your people how to recognize suspicious behavior by those who enter your home or premises. In a business premises, you should routinely empty the tills and take excess cash to the bank. Also, put up warning signs that certain places can only be accessed by staff members only.

Monitor All Targets

In households, garden sheds and garages are usually targeted by thieves who can then use your tools and ladders to gain access to the main house. Automatic lights, for instance, can be fitted to the garage or shed and act as a deterrent coupled with keyed locks.

Store Your Valuables In A Safe

According to a survey done a few years back, jewelry and money are often stolen during break-ins. In this regard, it is imperative to have a small safe in your home to protect such items. You can get a relatively low cost safe from a local locksmith.

Do Not Advertise Your Valuables

Break up packaging for expensive new products before throwing it into the bin. You should also take a look at your house from outside. With most burglars looking for money, a simple thing like a wallet left on your hall table can make your house a target. Talking of valuables, you should also make an inventory of your belongings to have at hand in case of theft. You should also mark your precious possessions with ultra-violet markers.

Install Alarms Or Consider Having A Dog To Deter Thieves

An alarm system will add another layer of defense, and a barking dog might as well provide effective security for your household. An alarm system and even security cameras should be a consideration for any business company.

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