What are the Benefits of Keeping a Car Key Fob on You?

“I have this on me at all times, just in case”

This is a common saying among people who carry around their car key fob. You might be one of these people if you’re reading this article! If you are, then well done on being so prepared for any situation that may arise! A spare car key fob is truly an amazing thing…much like having a spare car key fob.

If you’re unsure as to why anyone would want to do this, then let us take you through everything there is to know about keeping your car key fob on you at all times!

1) It Keeps You Safe

This is the number one reason why people carry their car key fob around with them. The fear of misplacing, losing or dropping it somewhere and not being able to find it again drives a lot of people into madness.

If you’re thinking that’s a little extreme, then let us think about everything that would go wrong if you were to lose your car key fob. Firstly, there would be no chance of unlocking your car again! If we imagine a scenario where we lose our car key fob while we’re out and about, then the only other way for us to get into our cars would be with an expensive replacement service which involves hiring a professional locksmith or towing our vehicles to a garage.

On top of the hassle of replacing your car key fob, there is also the inconvenience of getting into your car. If you were to lose your car key fob, then it wouldn’t be a case of a simple drive home. You would have to call someone else to bring you your spare key, or walk home.

2) It Prevents Theft

Another great benefit of keeping your car key fob on you at all times is that it prevents theft. With your car key inside of the fob, the chances of someone picking it up and unlocking your car without breaking in are virtually none. This means that you won’t come back to find your windows smashed or valuables missing from your vehicle.

3) It’s Convenient

A lot of people like carrying their car key fob around with them because it’s convenient. If you lose your keys and need to make a quick trip down the shops, then all you would have to do is take out your spare car key from your wallet or purse and use that instead! You don’t even have to worry about how long you’ll be away from home, as there’s a spare key in your wallet.

It goes without saying that keeping a car key fob on you at all times is beneficial because it prevents theft and inconvenience. However, it doesn’t just stop there! Keeping a car key fob on you also keeps you safe from other potential inconveniences.


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