What Features to Consider When Choosing a Smart Lock for Your Business?

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Having a smart lock in homes and offices is a new necessity. Where everything is becoming smart these days, having smart locks guarantees the intelligent security of our homes and offices. It allows homeowners and businesses to operate their locks without being physically present. Wireless technologies like Bluetooth or Wifi are used in handling these locks with either a smartphone or a key fob.

Where smart locks bring convenience, we must do a bit of research and understand the critical features of the device so we buy the suitable device and make a wise decision while making the purchase. We at Speed Locksmith in Rochester NY suggest that you consider the following vital elements before getting a Smart Lock;

Does the Smart Lock have a Long Battery Life? 

Smart locks operate on a battery. The motor that locks and unlocks, the LED lights and the wireless chips all consume battery. Most homes or offices do not run electric wires across their gates, so smart locks rely on battery power. It’s essential to have a good quality battery installed, so they last for a long time. Keeping track of the battery life also helps in ensuring that the lock is serving its purpose. 

Is there a Compatibility with other Smart Doorbells?

If you already use any other automatic devices at home, installing other devices from the same brand will be practical. One part of a device might need configuration with another device. Having it from the same manufacturer will make it easy to integrate the devices because every manufacturer makes their designs that are interlinked with other devices from the same brand. If you haven’t yet thought of doing it, you may do it now.

Does the Auto-Unlock Functionality work?

The primary purpose of a smart lock is to ease the locking-unlocking mechanism of the doors. The lock timer is set as per your desired need, and the door gets locked and unlocked accordingly. Some Smart Locks open once the smartphone comes closer to the door. All you have to do is open the door by turning the doorknob. 

Is there any Failure Backup option available?

With technology taking over our homes and businesses, we must keep in mind our contingency plans. Anything can stop operating for any reason uninformed. With their dependency on battery or electricity, one needs to make sure we have a backup power setup. 

Similarly, installing a keypad works as a lifesaver when our smartphones are unavailable, or their battery is low.

Does the Smart Lock Allow Guest Access?

Some smart lock apps allow guest access to guests if you happen to have someone visiting. This feature allows temporary access to people, and you can revoke their access rights anytime you want. It’s an additional service that proves helpful for people having smart locks installed in homes.


Installing a Smart Lock on your Traditional Deadbolt Lock

If you wish to enjoy the Smart Lock convenience but do not want to replace your old lock, all you need to do is install a conversion kit. These kits are readily available and can fit on top of the traditional locks giving you the same utility as a modern smart lock. 

Check Your Door Balance before Installing a Smart Lock

Smart locks operate automatically, and the door’s balance plays a vital role in its functioning. If the door is misaligned, the Smart Lock won’t work well, and it may become faulty. Once the lock is released, the deadbolt should fit perfectly into the strike plate, so the door is locked in one go.

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