How Often Should You Change Home Locks? 

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Improved home security is a common concern of every homeowner. It is the safest space that guarantees comfort and peace of mind. Any violation can take a serious toll on your mental state and finances. Many people understand the importance of installing durable locks. Over time, you may need to change them due to multiple factors, including faulty locks, lost keys, burglar attacks, etc.

In this blog, we will discuss how often you should change your home locks.

Key Takeaways 

  • Change home locks at least once every 7 years. 
  • Always change locks immediately when moving into a new or preoccupied property. 
  • Replace locks if keys are lost to prevent unauthorized access. 
  • Replace locks showing signs of wear, rust, or malfunction to maintain security. 
  • Change locks immediately after a burglary or attempted break-in. 
  • If a roommate, tenant, or partner moves out, changing locks ensures they no longer have access. 
  • Change locks to revoke access if keys were given to someone (house help, repairman, etc.) and not returned. 
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When Should You Change Your Home Locks?

If you have never changed your home locks, remember you are not alone. Sadly, many people are in the same boat, overlooking this basic security precaution, which can put their home security at risk. 

Experts recommend changing your home locks at least once every seven years. This depends on multiple situations. Sometimes, you may need to change your home locks even before the tenure of seven years ends. Let’s have a look at the situations where you may need to change your home locks. 

Lost Keys 

Locks and keys come in pairs. If one gets damaged, it compromises the whole security system. If you have lost your home keys, changing your home lock is better than getting a new one. You never know who gets the key. There will always remain a security threat if you get a duplicate key. Instead of changing the lock mechanism, lock change is the most secure and efficient way to keep your home security intact. 

Outdated or Faulty Locks 

Like other mechanical components, locks deteriorate over time. If you notice your home locks are having problems locking, developing rust, or wearing out, replace them as soon as possible. Immediately contact a residential locksmith and get your locks replaced. 

Intrusion or Break-in 

If you ever experience a burglar attack at home, get your locks changed right away. Sometimes, burglars make a copy of the keys to access your property again. Or if they broke the lock, there is no way to fix it. It is best to change your home lock. Tampered locks malfunction and compromise their effectiveness. 

Shifted to a New home 

If you ever shift to a preoccupied property, the first thing you need to do is change the locks. You never know if your previous homeowners still have duplicate keys or if they have given them to anyone else.  You definitely do not want any stranger to enter your home. Therefore changing your home locks is the wisest decision you must make right after shifting. 

Someone Moved Out 

If your roommate, tenant, or partner has moved out, you might want to get the locks changed. Even if they return their keys, you don’t know if they made copies. Changing the locks will ensure they don’t let themselves in without your permission. 

Someone Has Your Keys

Another scenario where you need to change your home locks is when you have given the keys to someone else. For instance, if you have given the key to your house help, guard, repairman, tenant, or anyone else, and they haven’t returned the key, simply change your home lock to take access from them. 

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