Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Access Control Systems

It’s 2021, and the world is advancing at the speed of light and so are the ways of illegally accessing a place. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that intruders are getting smarter day by day. Therefore, with every passing day, businesses are striving hard to upgrade their safety and security methods for the protection of their property. One such technique is the access control system. Most of the people must be well-aware of it as they’re seen in almost all hi-fi, multinational corporations. 

What Is an Access Control System?

For those who are not aware, the Access control system, as the name suggests, is a security product designed to give access only to authorized people to enter a specific place or view digital resources while preventing unauthorized individuals from entering. Created to work together smoothly, Access Control Systems’ is technology at its best as it offers modern security solutions—from the simplest to the most challenging. 

Types Of Access Control Systems

There are majorly two kinds of access controls:

  • Physical Access Control is restricting someone from entering a certain location. To enter such electronically guarded places, a person would need authorization through the usage of a smart, electronic means of entry, such as a card, or mobile device. 
  • Logical Access Control is a means of protection for digital resources, such as computer files, networks, etc. 

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How Does The Access Control System Work? 

Access control systems are a product of advanced technology, hence they have many technicalities , but the majority of the systems have five basic steps to ensure that only the authorized people are being granted permission while the unlicensed ones are being rejected. 

 Authorization: By using RBAC, MAC, or DAC, this step converts the unauthorized individuals to recognized users. The role for each user will decide which doors or areas they’re allowed to access then this information shall be encoded into a credential. Through this, businesses can keep a good track of who can enter the building or a specific area. 

Authentication: In this step, the individual presents his/her credential (smartphone, card, key fob, etc.) to a reader. Through which the access control system validates whether the person is authorized to enter or not by checking it against the database of identified users. Because the system stores the data after every interaction, it helps firms in referencing later.

Access: If the database recognizes the user, access is granted by sending a message to the door hardware to unlock the door. Otherwise, the access is denied.

Managing & Monitoring: This step consists of adding or removing credentials, regulating permissions, editing schedules, or including alerts. The backend of the system software is responsible for managing this while the administrators monitor the users’ entry logs and access points.

Auditing & Reporting: Reporting requires the administrator to create reports of access logs, user and location activity for investigating any malicious activity. To create a proper report, auditing is essential. It gives you access to detailed data needed to make a report such as visitors, time, attendance, and video systems. During auditing, identifying the time-span in which a system stores the data holds great importance. This aids organization in taking crucial decisions, conducting security reviews, and much more. 

Some Examples Of Access Control Systems

For businesses, restricting unlicensed access is necessary for minimizing risk. Thus, many large organizations use various access control systems to guarantee top-notch security in their premises, such as: 

Passwords – Requires the user to enter a series of numbers, letters, or symbols in the reader to gain access.

Access cards – Just like credit cards, access cards need to be swiped through or placed next to a card reader to enter a place.

Fingerprint reader – This reader scans an individual’s fingerprint and then allows him/her to enter. 

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