How Do I Know if a Locksmith is Legit?

How Do I Know if a Locksmith is Legit?

Sally is always in a hurry! And just like any other day, she was late for work on one fine Monday morning. 

It wasn’t like her to lose her keys to the car. 

But when she arrived in the parking lot, she rummaged through her purse and belongings only to realize the car key wasn’t there. She ran back up the stairs & searched her apartment but still, all in vain. 

Now Sally didn’t have a spare key and was already running late. And she was skeptical about who to call.

We got her call around 9:00 A.M.

Thanks to our professional services, we reached her in due time & gave her an instant car key replacement on the spot. Sally got a duplicate key & we got ourselves a positive review. 

We asked Sally how her experience was with our certified locksmiths and if there was any feedback that she wanted to give. 

She was satisfied but said people often don’t contact locksmith services because they wonder, “How Do I Know if a Locksmith is Legit?” 

And that encouraged us to cover this post for our readers. 

How Do I Know if a Locksmith is Legit? 

Now here are a few things that we want you to understand. 

When searching for a locksmith, watch for some red flags. 

Red Flag # 1: Avoid No-Name Locksmith Companies 

If your locksmith hesitates to disclose the company they work for and instead uses a standard term such as “we are locksmith services, tell us how we can help you?” steer clear from such businesses. 

When a locksmith doesn’t provide a legal name for their business, stay away from such people. 

Red Flag # 2: Hesitant in Showing Their License & Identification 

It goes both ways. When you call a professional locksmith, they will ask you to show proof of identification before initiating any lock or key job. They want to ensure they are unlocking the correct property for the right person. Similarly, they won’t shy away from showing you their identification and licensing (as per state requirements). 

There are 15 states with strict regulations on showing a license to run a locksmith business. 

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia

If you are located in any of these states, your locksmith is bound to show you their licensing. 

Red Flag # 3: Are They Charging You Very Low? 

When a locksmith runs a scam, they charge you incredibly low for a difficult job. Let’s say they are charging you around $15 to $40 for a key fob replacement, they are advertising their pricing pretty low from the standard. 

Usually, a locksmith will try to ask for more or tell you how much it will be after having a look. But it’s a red flag if they charge you extremely low from the start!

Be careful.  

Red Flag # 4: If They Suggest to Drill the Lock for Unlocking 

If a locksmith insists upon drilling a lock or replacing it after for a simple lockout job… they are fake. 

Almost every locksmith on the block is skilled enough to perform a door-unlocking job and carry professional tools. If your locksmith is suggesting otherwise, then be wary of it. 

Drill jobs are only applicable for high-security locks. 

Red Flag # 5: Look for Branding On Their Vehicle

A professional locksmith company always attends a job in a branded vehicle. They will have a logo printed on the side or on the van, indicating they are part of a brand. 

It’s a good enough reason to give them a side-eye when there isn’t a logo.

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If you’re one of the customers who often feel skeptical before calling a certified locksmith, feel free to keep our number on speed dial. Speed Locksmith is a reputable locksmith company, a licensed & insured member of the Locksmith Association of America (ALOA), and can be found on BBB with A+ Rating. We aim to deliver high-quality locksmith services to our customers at a reasonable price. 

Dial (585) 203-0370 and get yourself a locksmith today! 

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