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Got a broken lock or key? Call Speed Locksmith in Hamlin, NY for your auto, commercial and residential lock and key needs. We repair, install and change all locks at highly affordable rates.



Hamlin's One Stop Locksmith Solution, Speed's is in Town!

Although a relatively small town nestled in the Northern part of New York, Hamlin is no stranger to the periodic need for security. At Speed Locksmith, our trusted professionals can fix you up with the complete locksmith experience, letting you rest assured.

Residential Locksmith

Security of your home is paramount and if you're having a lock problem, our residential locksmiths are there for you.

Commercial Locksmith

The locks on your office doors, cabinets and safe adds permanent security. If they aren't working fine, hire commercial locksmith services from Speed Locksmith.

Automotive Locksmith

Jammed vehicle doors and problematic car ignitions are usually because of faulty keys, it's best you hire an auto-locksmith from Speed Locksmith. 


24/7 Car/Home Locksmith Service in Hamlin NY

Imagine getting locked out of your home or car on a sweltering summer day in the town of Hamlin NY. It sounds like a disaster, does it not? Well, if such a situation does strike, all you have to do is give us a call at Speed Locksmith, and we will save the day in no time with our excellent car and home locksmith services. Our trained professionals will reach your doorstep in a maximum of twenty minutes and set about unlocking your home and car in a matter of minutes. And do not forget; for all your locksmith issues, Speed’s is the only place to go!

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Car Key Replacement/Auto Locksmith

Car Key Replacement/Auto Locksmith in Hamlin NY

Does the mere thought of things going wrong with your precious car give you nightmares? Well, if you love the car to bits and pieces, we can only imagine what an absolute horror getting locked out of your car would be. However, if and when the inevitable does happen, we at Speed Locksmith are only a quick call away. Providing the best auto locksmith services in town, our team of dedicated professionals strives to offer quality care, every single time. Have you mistakenly locked in your car keys? Or maybe you have lost them altogether. Either way, there is no need to worry. Simply get in contact, and we will be right on our way!

Found yourself in a lock pickle? Give us a shout at 585-203-0370

Lock Installation and Repair

Lock Installation and Repairing in Hamlin NY

When we are living in a place that gets the usual bout of security scare, safeguarding ourselves and our loved ones is crucial. And Hamlin is no stranger to such an occurrence. Luckily for you, we at Speed Locksmith can put all your worries to rest with our run of the mill lock installation and repair services. Lock proofing your home and office is the simplest way to ensure your safety, and at Speed’s, we specialize in doing this for you. Not only will you delight in our excellent customer service and care, but your pocket will also thank you once you see our highly economical prices. In short, we keep you happy in every way!

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Residential and Commercial Locksmith

Residential and Commercial Locksmith in Hamlin NY

At Speed Locksmith, we give due importance to inclusivity, which is precisely why our company offers both residential and commercial locksmith services. Vowing to leave no lock-related issue behind, our team of experienced professionals is trained in answering to both home and work calls with the same level of efficiency and ethic. Our services include fire alarm installations, buzzer systems, master key set up and brand-new lock installation, among many others. Truly, Speed’s is your ultimate locksmith destination.

- Lock Rekeying

Emergency Lock Rekeying in Hamlin NY

So, you are one step ahead of us and already have your entire house fully lock proof. Well, bravo! But wait, hang on a minute. Are these locks really as safe as you think? Just how many people have access to them? In our opinion, if the answer to that question is anyone outside of people you completely trust, then your level of security is not where it ought to be. Here to step in and save the day is Speed Locksmith with our comprehensive lock rekeying system. We pride ourselves on being able to rekey a vast range of locks, and where we falter, there is always a new lock ready to play replacement. In short, we will only leave once your safety is ensured.

Emergency Locksmith/Key Cutting

Emergency Locksmith/Key Cutting in Hamlin NY

When it comes to emergency locksmith situations, we at Speed Locksmith tend to thrive. Taking it as our natural environment, we specialize in solving all your emergency lock-related issues in a time crunch, whether that be key cutting or simple unlocking. After all, we would not want your plans to be thwarted by an unfortunate situation. Just give us a call, and using our ‘Three Lockout Steps’ routine, our experienced locksmiths will solve your lock problems in no time. And do not worry, our quick service does not mean a higher price tag. After all, we are here to take care of you, not to burden you.