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Homeowners face the challenge of home maintenance versus home improvement as often as they turn around. There’s always something to deal with, check up on, replace, or repair. The decision to change your entire lock or just switch out the keys depends on a few factors. Let’s go into those so you can assess your own judgments on what is best for you. You can always call or send us a note (585) 203-0370

When should you rekey a lock?

Rekeying your locks is usually a matter of security. If you just moved in, if a roommate moved out, bottom line… if you don’t trust someone who might have had access to your keys then it is strongly advised to take the necessary security precautions and change your keys. This is a much simpler option and most homeowners will never cycle through the possible key-lock combinations. Businesses have higher turnover and larger populations passing through so running out of unused combinations can occur after many years. Rochester homeowners can rest assured that a simple call to Speed Locksmith Rochester NY will fix the matter of which keys can open the door to your home. 

Simplify Your Life with a Single Call

You can also rekey locks to simplify your life. If you use a keyring with a 5-inch diameter because you need various keys to unlock your back door, front door, gate, deadbolts, and garage doors then Speed Locksmith can help you with a rekey to match option. This means that we can carve the keys to match all so you only need a single key or multiples of your choice to open all the doors in your home. 

Is It Better to Rekey or Change Locks?

If you are undergoing a full remodel and have custom or designer handles, knobs, and hinges to replace then adding on new locks is the way to go. The slight price increase is often a value when you already have the locksmith on location. This article holds the intention of guiding you through this option in general but you can always call Speed and have a professional locksmith list the benefits that suit your needs perfectly. If you want to install additional locks for improved home security then you can also replace all the locks and/or rekey with one fell swoop. Customizing your options is a specialty with Speed Locksmith.

Should You Rekey or Change Locks for Business or Commercial Building?

Businesses tend to cycle through employees, keyholders, and maintenance cleaners. These can be keyholding persons whom, maybe you trust but with the complex legalities of insurance, rekeying locks is a common practice. Oftentimes, you can replace physical keys with combination keypads. This is the industry standard when you have a high turnover. Yet, there is nothing more reliable than hard steel. Combining digital entry keypads and allowing only the senior employees to have physical keys will save on the number of times you need to rekey the locks.


How To Make a Rekey Service Request with Speed Locksmith in Rochester NY

Speed Locksmith services all of the Rochester area. We hold business accounts with records of keyed combinations used so you can trust that old keys won’t work anymore. The streamlined process of simplicity and easy access extends to all customers and inquiries. Send us a comment on our contact us page and we will reply ASAP. If you want to talk to a person instantly then give us a call at (585) 203-0370


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