Speed Locksmith COVID-19 Reassurance for Rochester NY

Professional Locksmiths in Rochester are Open During the Coronavirus Pandemic!

The uncertainty of what is happening in 2020 has a lot of the community in an uneasy state. Speed Locksmith is glad to announce to the community of Rochester, NY that we are working to ensure the security of your home and business at this time. We still operate with 24 emergency notice and speedy efficiency with all Locksmith services. Locksmiths constitute an essential service in the State of New York.  We are taking all precautions to guarantee your safety with PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). Contact us by phone, email, or submit your inquiry on our contact page.

Commercial Locksmiths for Business – COVID-19 Shutdown

If your business had to close during the New York state-wide lockdown, we hope you took the time to remove any valuables or important data and store them safely. Jewelry stores are a typical target but also prepared for such instances. To ensure the maximum security of your business, contact Speed Locksmith’s Commercial Locksmiths for a free quote on helping to establish a secure environment for your business and commercial property while you cannot operate.

Recommended Areas of Improvement:

  • Exterior Deadbolt Locks
  • Gate Locks
  • Key Changes
  • Monitored Security Systems

Special Precautions for Business Closed During Coronavirus

Insurance companies are taking an all-time hit and might be slow or discriminatory in paying out settlements. We want your business to survive and help Rochester flourish in the coming years. A faulty lock or unsecure premise is a sure way to violate your insurance agreement. Hiring a professional locksmith in Rochester will help you be certain that your business is only temporarily closed.

Residential Locksmiths Open During Coronavirus Shutdown

Many of us have been spending a lot more time at home recently. Maybe you have noticed some areas for home improvement or perhaps you need more privacy. Speed Locksmith in NY is here to help. The most important aspect of the moment and our lives is safety and security. Hopefully, you have your health… and a secure place to live. Helping residents feel safe in their home is a priority for the modus of a locksmith. We can help you replace old locks, install new locks, and modify features to make your home easier and more modern to live in. Our safe services help residents place their valuables away with the most effective of methods. The added bonus of a monitored security system lets you know that you are not alone in the event of a break-in. Speed Locksmith in Rochester NY is here to offer a free estimate on how we can make your home the safest place to live in.

 Recommended Areas of Improvement:

  • Add / Change Interior Door Locks
  • Safe Services
  • Key Changes
  • Monitored Security Systems

Automotive Locksmiths for Coronavirus Shutdown

Dude, where’s my car might be streaming but when was the last time you were in your car? The best practices for your vehicle you can do during this pandemic are to make sure you have insurance and a proper locking system. All of our automotive locksmith services are available during the Coronavirus shutdown in NY State. We can help with keyless entry systems and garage gate locks.

“Speed Locksmith is still trading and able to help in this pandemic situation”

Special Precaution to Prevent Coronavirus Spreading

Our management and logistic teams are organizing our business for the developing issues related to the Covid-19 outbreak.

  • We have access for remote work with most of our office staff. This allows even better communication for customer support.
  • Locksmiths wear PPE face shields, gloves, thorough hand washing and face masks to help with the guided CDA practices. We are also social distancing from customers by 6 feet.
  • You can contact us with any concerns or questions about how we operate during the pandemic.
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