Security Lock Brands

Security BrandsIn the modern age, there are many options for home and business security, ranging from simple deadbolts to state of the art electronic lock systems requiring magnetic key cards or even specific passcodes. Some safety measures even go beyond locks into full-fledged security systems featuring anything from alarms that go off if windows are broken to pressure sensors in floors and sonar systems that sense whenever there’s anything larger than a mouse in a secured area.

These state of the art systems can, however, get very expensive indeed, starting in the hundreds of dollars for even a basic system to tens of thousands of dollars for the most advanced systems on the market. While some buildings contain property and information valuable enough to justify these large expenses, most such buildings do not. In truth, the vast majority of buildings simply need good locks and a bit of common sense to protect them from intrusion.

One popular means of protecting buildings from security threats without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars is with plain old deadbolt locks. While these locks can, in fact, be picked by a properly trained intruder, most low-end thieves and vandals lack the training and knowledge to do so. Meanwhile, the trained and determined intruders who can break these systems are also usually more than skill enough to breach even electronic security systems.

The knowledge of these systems and how to counteract them is widely available across underground circles, sometimes even on the internet free for anyone who can find it. Intruders truly skilled and determined also tend to go after larger prizes than ordinary local residences and buildings with few valuables.

A good deadbolt then is a reasonable way to keep out random hooligans and vandals, as well as thieves who lack the skill and determination to take on a real challenge. Those are the kinds of hoodlums who will consider it worth their while to break into a normal house or to build with little real pay off involved. Deadbolts are cost effective for ordinary houses and anything from small storage units to local stores.

There are many brands of deadbolts, some of which enjoy better reputations than others. Some brands are of higher quality and use more advanced key and tumbler systems than other that use simpler, easier to pick mechanisms in their systems. A few major brands of deadbolts are listed below, the best of which are listed below.

Abloy Pretec and Abloy Protec2 are a pair of high-security locks from security manufacturer Abloy based in the nation of Finland. The Protec and Protec2 series of locks are already fine quality locks, but these particular locks are unique in that they’re building with a unique system of rotating disks that feature a disk intended to block lockpicks.

All told, this makes the system extremely pick resistant and completely bump proof, making it harder for thieves to get in whether or through skill or random chance. More enticingly, the system can be modified to work within the same set of keys for wide distribution to employees or residents.

BiLock is a well-regarded security system brand based out of Australia. Their BiLock NG system is a new development in lock technology featuring a system called a Quick Change Core (QCC) system that uses a sidebar and pin system that incredibly picks resistant and completely bump resistant. Favored by both businesses and casinos in locations around the world. It also allows for the core to be removed and replaced, allowing for a certain degree of flexibility with retrofitting the key and lock system for use with new keys and cores. This system allows for a certain degree of backward compatibility with preexisting lock systems for businesses and homes that do not want to commit fully to totally changing over the system.

EVVA is another well-regarded high-security lock manufacturer. Based out of Austria, their MCS lock series features a magnetic key and tumbler system that is almost impossible to make duplicate keys with. Completely bump proof and with no known incidents where the locks have been picked, the MCS lock series is a fine choice for a home or business eager to secure their property without serious expenses.

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