Possible Reasons Why Your Door Knob Won’t Turn & How to Fix The


Door knobs often succumb to failure because of hot and humid weather or rusting. You panic once you realize there’s something wrong with your door knob. You may feel the anxiety building up or stress. This restlessness can often send you on the path of making unnecessary actions such as performing the door knob lock fix yourself. When it comes to locksmith problems, you don’t have to rely on online DIY articles or YouTube videos. The best thing to do is to call for professional help. 

Moving forward, are you eager to learn about the possible reasons why your door knob won’t turn? Do you want to know some potential ways to get them fixed? We, from Speed Locksmith in Rochester NY, would like to explain to you why door knobs jam. 

  • Wrong Key – You inserted the key, and it went through the doorknob, but it didn’t turn. It means you’ve got the false key. Remember that most keys are alike, especially when they’re both from the same brand. But even if they are from a different manufacturer, if the key is smaller than the exact key, it would still fit in the door knob. But if it won’t turn, that’s the hint that you got the wrong key.

What to do?

Make sure you got the correct key. Put a mark on the key or use a keychain to be certain on this part.

  • Lock Alignment – Lock alignment is when the door latch and the strike plate on the door jamb. Temperature fluctuations can warp wooden doors. The bolt and the strike plate can lose alignment due to these changes.

What to do?

To fit into the strike plate, a locksmith can re-adjust the door by screwing up the hinges, re-aligning the strike plate, and by regulating the bolt.

  • Broken Key – As keys get old, their metal loses its shape, and sometimes it becomes brittle. The key’s edges can also be damaged.

What to do?

Check your key before using it to unlock your doorknob. If it snaps or breaks inside the door knob, remove the piece of it by inserting a key extractor or tweezers and carefully pull it out. It is also best to replace keys when they begin showing signs of age.

  • Lock Jam – Lock Jam occurs when the mechanical component of the door knob stops working. It happens because of the accumulation of dirt or rust development.

What to do?

Use lubricant, which is not oil-based, to get the doorknob turned temporarily. Then, take the lock apart and clean the parts’ metal polish.


  • Lock Damage – Metal components can deteriorate due to old age. If the knob doesn’t turn and the bolt doesn’t engage, it must be due to lock damage.

What to do?

The only solution here is to have a locksmith remove and replace the lock.

  • Freezing – In winter, moisture can often build up inside the doorknob and freeze the lock mechanism. As a result, the key might not be able to fit inside the keyhole or you may find it difficult to turn the door knob because of the frost inside. 

What to do?

Use de-icing spray or rubbing alcohol to melt the ice by spraying it in the keyhole. You can also use a blow-dryer.

So, if your door knob won’t turn, there are plenty of reasons to consider. You can start by investigating the key, there’s a high chance you might be using the wrong one. Now check the lock on the door, is it malfunctioning? It might be repairable. Don’t jump to conclusions about changing your doorknob spot on. You can always opt-in for routine maintenance if you don’t want to end up with a non-working door knob. 

Is your door knob stuck because of gunk build-up or any other reason? 

Don’t panic but instead, call Locksmith in Rochester NY. We are ready to diagnose your door knob problem. For us, making sure you’re secure is a priority. When you call us, our certified locksmith team will dispatch the closest technician who is fully licensed & well experienced to your location.

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